INCHING TOWARDS 80: Pins and Passwords—updated

A Column, Help Desk: Digital Life After Death in February Washington Post Business Section– caught my eyes some months ago. It updates my original post on the subject with current information, possibly more than needed, yet some is essential. Link to my original post below then to the Washington Post column where information is imparted under pertinent subtitles (eg. “What happens to your iCloud when you die? and Is it Safe to Write down Passwords?)

Since my very well-organized husband’s death three years ago, sorting out things relating to pins and passwords has caused–and unexpectedly still causes–a majority of my subsequent frustrations. Here’s hoping this is helpful.



Author: susan

Since I began my blog, Help! Aging Parents-- years ago, my parents have died as have many of my advisors. Those who remain, and I, are the focus of the age group I initially blogged about. And now we've been inching towards eighty. Not a surprise. Regardless of age, we do inch a little bit daily, don't we! Thus, following some time off following my husband's untimely death, my blog continues as INCHING TOWARDS EIGHTY. (with same format, same URL and email) The goal: to provide the same quality of information and creative ideas, but now for us because--hard to believe for me--we are those "aging parents."

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